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Little improvement with my Wi-Fi after the 17.1.2 update?

Question asked by hakonab on Feb 3, 2017

I recently updated from 17.1.2 from 16.12.1(the driver with the rubber banding issue). While the rubber banding mostly disappeared the spikes are still present. Everything was working fine until the ReLive update last month. Is anyone else on the same boat? (After using DDU to install the 17.1.2 drivers today my connection was speedy, but then it went back to normal)


I am using a wireless card (TP Link TL-WDN4800 Adapter)

R9 390

I5 6600K


My last resort is to use the drivers before the ReLive update, but that'll mean that i have to stay behind for my hardware to work properly. I appreciate the time the devs take to make things right for us.


Thank you.