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    A8-7600+Crimson 17.1.2 graphics issue


      So, I'm having issues with a new build.  Let's get the hardware out of the way.

      • AsRock A88M-G/3.1 (bios updated to 1.40)
      • AMD A8-7600 (4- CPU cores, 6 GPU cores) running @ stock speed
      • G.Skill DDR3-1866 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)
      • PNY CS1311 SSD 240 GB
      • OCZ 500W PSU (model: OCZ500MXSP)
      • Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (fully updated except optional updates)

      PCPartPicker link for your convenience

      The hardware is housed in a reused case, and connected temporarily (via HDMI) to a Gateway FHD2401 monitor.  The end-user wants to connect to an HDTV via HDMI.  This was an extreme low-budget build, with some low to mid level gaming in mind. I really can't throw much $$$ at this to fix the problem (with the exception of replacement shipping).


      I put these parts together, installed motherboard drivers, installed and updated windows, installed some other basic software (chrome, winrar, avg, glary, and some video codecs.)  Then I opened the device manager and noticed I was missing some drivers, most notably the display driver.  Windows had installed a standard vga adapter.  After a quick search on AMD's website I came across two driver packages I thought might do the job.  Both were Crimson ReLive.  First was the minimal setup 17.1.2, second was the full 16.12.2.  Neither worked.


      what I expected:



      What I got:

      AMD Driver.jpg

      I can see the monitor model, resolution, and refresh rate being reported correctly, but it's really unusable.


      What I've tried so far:

      I've updated the motherboard to bios version 1.40 (the most recent update)

      I've tried both AMD display driver versions with clean uninstalls after with DDU

      I've done the auto-detect page, which pointed me directly at the 17.1.2 driver when I hovered over, or clicked on the D/L button.

      I've done the common troubleshooting from the knowledge-base (DSIM, SFC, turned off AVG, etc.)

      I've searched the forum for similar problems and found no answers.


      Now, i'm pretty much out of ideas.  I'm wondering at this point, if I've got a bad APU?  Maybe I should get a replacement?

      Or possibly a RAM issue.   RAM is set for 1866, but shows in cpuz as having a max bandwidth of pc3-12800 @ 800Mhz (should be 14900 @ 933.) Maybe try underclocking the RAM?  Motherboard claims to support 1866 speeds though.

      The only other possibility is a monitor incompatibility, but I've used this monitor for chromecast and satellite tv, so I don't know why a PC would cause this.


      Thanks for reading this far.  If you have any ideas, I'm happy to listen.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Here is what you don't want to hear. Until you FULLY update Win7...including the relevant 'optional' updates...no AMD driver will install/work correctly. Until Windows Update tells you that there are "No more updates"  keep installing till you get that message. Then install the correct AMD drivers. If you have issues with Windows Update, use the fix here > Windows will not update after a fresh install

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              It's been a couple days.  Sorry for the late reply.  Things have resolved, though not how you might expect.

              I spent a few hours d/l'ing every windows update I could find only to have the same problem.  In my frustration I decided to reformat and start over.  Reformat > Install windows > update all the things! > Install motherboard drivers > Install 17.1.2 (because auto-detect).  Still no joy.


              Frustration Maxed , I quit for the day.   I figured I'd try it on the end-users TV, and report back if that didn't work.  Wouldn't ya know it, worked like a charm . Much joy, very relief.


              So, apparently the Gateway FHD2401 doesn't play well with the AsRock A88M-G/3.1 + AMD A8-7600.  Why that is, I couldn't say, nor do I really care at this point.  End-user is happy.


              In any case, thanks for the help.


              FYI, after installing 17.1.2, I noticed the installer actually used driver 16.12.2.  It appears the auto-detect is (at least partially) in the installer itself.