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r9 280x Relive sound delay

Question asked by payload90 on Feb 3, 2017

Hello everyone

my name is josko im from croatia.

i have problem with my asus radeon r9 280x....last night me and my friends were playing gta5 and i was recording video for my yt channel.

after i finished recording i noticed that audio has few seconds delay after video.


im recording in game video and audio with relive,facecam is recorded by logitech webcam software and microphone is recorded with audacity.

hardware used for recording logitech g35 headset-virtual 7.1 surround system is ENABLED


settings in relive:

recording resolution 1080p

recording bitrate 30mbps

recorindg fps 60

encoding type avc

audio bitrate 192kbps


audio settings for g35

default format 16bit, 44100 hz


g35 headset is controlled by logitech gaming software


my question is does this problem have to do something with g35 since dolby is enabled or did i set something wrong in settings?


my pc specs are:

cpu:amd athlon x4 860k overclocked to 4.2 ghz

motherboard: gigabyte f2a78m-ds2

ram: radeon r9 gamer series 2x4gb 2133mhz

graphics: asus radeon r9 280x 3gb ddr5


please help