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XP F6 raid driver for AMD motherboard

Question asked by remey on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by remey


please help in this 'dire' situation.

i am unable to acquire an F6 driver for an ABIT board with XP-Pro[SP3] for a RAID0 attempt.


an ABIT AX78 AMD 770[cpu] is the mobo. old but works well.


i have sought here and sought there and... everywhere in between. however, no joy.


as always, it is very frustrating and even more so, when the goal or solution/s are not available...but, one can not but make oneself want to go on headwrecking til there ain't no head left. and even after all this, one is still not happy! oh man, way past but, won't give in or up...

thanks ahead fellows.