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Can I use two RX 480 to display 9 monitors (3x3 video wall)?

Question asked by lexiepax on Feb 2, 2017

We are planning on implementing a video wall at work without payings tens of thousands for it.  I see that this grahpics card can support up to 6 displays using an MST hub.  Most of the MST hubs I see out there only have 4 hubs, unless someone can direct me where to purchase a 6-port MST hub.


We are debating on whether to implement a 3x2 or a 3x3 video wall.  If we do decide to have a 3x3 (9 displays total), is it possible to install these two graphics cards into one machine and have a total of 9 displays?


Also, what is the ideal processor speed (CPU) and RAM speed you would recommend if I'll do this configuration?


Any input would be greatly appreciated.