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    Need a good advise and help for LOW fps


      Hello all

      i am keshav from India

      Yesterday  i brought new Gpu MSI gaming x Rx 480 8 gb

      i apologise to forum people it doesnt makes sense asking help while using intel cpu plz  i using AMD gpu and its NEW so asking


      My pc spec is

      cpu - Intel i3 6 th gen 6100 3.70 ghz

      motherboard - msi h170a pc mate

      psu - corsair cx 750 80+ bronze

      ram - 8 gb ddr4 Kingston hyperx fury


      Games i tested

      Gta 5 high settings only 35- 45 fps while driving car wont cross 58 fps

      watch dogs 2 high settings 55-60 fps very high settings is only 35 - 40 fps

      Dota 2 high settings 85 + wont cross 100 fps

      cs go high settings 150-170 fps

      why such Low fps ?

      My friend using  msi gaming x  Rx 470  paired with i5 4th gen he get 100 fps in GTA 5 in high

      why so much bottleneck for me i3 is crap?  i am using Rx 480 !

      upgrading to AMD Ryzen fix this bottleneck? cuz i have decided and waiting for release of AMD ryzen

      i need answer cuz i am upgrading Cpu AMD ryzen paired with RX 480 is Beast combo or OKOK?