[PIF] Grandma's Facebook Machine

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This is a Pay-It-Forward build I put together with massive help from my fellow RTP members tORN_tv and PhartinDust (Ian and Craig).


Some back story, my wife's grandmother has a PC she uses for Facebook and Facebook Games. She called me in a panic because she clicked on a link in Facebook Post and was taken to one of those sites you can't close because they keep popping up alerts with something along the line of "your computer has been infected with a virus call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx and we will remove this virus for you."


She decided to shut down her PC. When  I got there to do a checkup she said she doesn't usually turn off her PC because it takes awhile to start up, normally she puts it to sleep.


No exaggeration it took 4 hours from the time you press the power button until the time you got in to Windows (Win 7) and could move the mouse and do anything. I checked her startup programs and nothing out of the ordinary, No virii found, only minor spyware.


Her old system was an early XP Intel Core  CPU and 2GB of ram on a 5200 RPM HDD.


Well, thanks to my fellow RTP members we put together a new build for her, Grandma's Facebook Machine 2.0. Certainly an overkill system, but its whats we had in our cache of parts.


Due to some family emergencies, I haven't had a chance to surprise her with it yet.






MotherboardMSI A88XI AC v2
Memory16GB DDR3-1600 AMD Entertainment
Disc Drive 1120GB Radeon R3 SSD
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3{drive3}
CaseThermaltake Cove V1