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AMD FX-8370 extremely slow

Question asked by flashpoint145 on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by warsun

I have ZERO clue as to what's going on and being I have only one PC that I use on a regular basis, I'd rather not do the whole warranty thing if I can help it.


But anyway, 2 year old FX8370 seems to be starting to fail. I ruled out video card issues, and actually did a userbenchmark test here:


I have 32g of RAM also, but I think that score is artifically low due to the CPU. My PSU is 750w. I have 5 fans and overheating is not an issue...even from booting, navigating web browsers are slow. I've done antivirus. I've ensured windows power management isn't interfering with max processor state less than 100%.


Something is clearly wrong. I haven't overclocked or tinkered with any of the settings. Help me, AMD community; you're my only hope!