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    Amd a10 7300 1.9 - 3.2 ghz P1-P7 power states problem


      Hello guys.

      I am having an issue with my laptop. Whenever I try to play any game while laptop is plugged in, I have really bad performance. When I unplug it, I can notice in games like 20-30 more fps. My power management setting are correct and set to full performance mode.


      So my laptop is a Acer Aspire E15

      CPU is a amd a10 7300 1.9 - 3.2 ghz

      AMD R7 M265 2GB

      4GB ram

      Windows 10


      Via this site: Laptop slows down when charging(plugged in) - [Solved] - Systems  I have discovered that I need to set P0-P7 states.

      However, I even found a video how to do that. AMD Power States, AMDMsrTweaker, OverClock Turbo States - YouTube

      But, I dont know how to set it to make my CPU clocking to 1.1GhZ when plugged in.

      One guy with almost identical laptop said I should set it like p7=19x@0.975. But when doing so, nothing changes and playing CSGO while plugged in, I still do get fps drops but after unplugging I notice massive FPS income even tho I set it to  p7=19x@0.975.


      Also, there is Turbo=1 p7=19x@0.975 ? Or just p7=19x@0.975 ? Or how do I set it ? Do I also need to set P1-P6 as well ?

      I have absolutely no idea how to manage this settings. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.


      Have a nice day.

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          Can't you just go into the power options in control panel, change it to performance, click advanced settings click processor and tell it to run full speed on all the settings and cooling to active?


          Wouldn't that be easier?

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              First of all thank you for your answer.

              I know, that you might consider me for regular PC user, but I am not that. I am studying applied informatics so as you can imagine I checked those little settings.

              I can use google. If what you are saying would be correct, I would not ask here as I would fix it myself. But my problem is more complex then that.

              So, if you know how to set those P0-P7 states, then reply. If you dont, then dont.


              It is simple as that. I am not refusing help, I am just tired of everyone trying to outsmart me with my issue when they have no idea how to set those states actually.



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              i have the same issue,, my brand new A10-7400p throttling when 4core is loaded at 100% , clockspeed drop below advertized clock 2,5Ghz to 2-2.1Ghz ... and when gaming only 1.4Ghz .. all set high performance and no thermal throttling issue here,, if i set powerplay to maximize battery life my A10 doesnt utilize turbo core,but when load 100% @4core clock speed is surely at 2.5Ghz and no throttling (if gaming still drop to 1.4Ghz )

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                  Is it a laptop? If so is it a brand name laptop?


                  Asking because laptops are tricky and you would get far better support ringing them as they know there hardware better, these laptops use manufacturer specific motherboards, not desktop motherboards, and not many people have intimate knowledge of them unless they own one or are specifically familiar with them.


                  I would suspect the issue is heat, it's ramping down because of two reasons, the game is not making the cpu work so it can tick along at 1.9ghz as that's all it needs, Or your in a hot place and your laptop is getting hot and trying to cool down?


                  but i'm guessing there, best ring the laptops manufacturer honestly. It won't be the cpu.. it's how it's being handled by the motherboard.. manufacturer specific. IMHO.

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                    It really looks like you have similar problem like me.

                    Just to be sure, let everything be on high performance mode via control panel and then turn on any game.

                    While in-game disconnect power from your laptop so you will be only on battery. If your FPS goes from like 60 while plugged in to like 80 while on battery only, then you are having the same issue as I am have and you will need to set P0-P7 states in order to unlock the full potential of your CPU and to stop CPU from downclocking. And that is the question I am asking here.


                    But looking at your A10-7400p I am almost sure you are having the same issue.


                    Let me know.

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                        yeah , my problem is actually same with you,, i search this issue on google but,doesnt have any idea,,, the cpu downclocking itself when core utilizing >90% but there is no issue about heat,, my AMD A10 running below 60c .. when i investigate it, i have some thing that make me interest,,, when turbo core disable maximum power is higher than >40W when 4core utilize 100% ,, and if turbo core enable the maximum power of this CPU is below 35W when 4core utiilize .. i use hw monitor and hw info software ,, sorry for my bad english ..