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    17.1.2 Is Damn Broken


      Hi there, after what i had with the latest driver i said to myself i've to report this...


      I've the Saphire Rx480 and been using it since the release but never had such an issues like the new driver, it's total broken, there been some issues with previous driver but unlike this one..


      - Wattman setting doesn't prooperly works, after you save your setting it says that you did but it' keeps working on stock settings

      once my temps reached 88c and it's more than ever! my max was barely 80, fan speed doesn't go above stock even though it's not stock in wattman


      - Radeon crash, doesn't matter what i'm doing the screen will flicker because the driver crashed and then ....... ANNOY:I:NG colors that forces me to restart my pc manually because i can't see anything


      - Realtek HD Audio is worst than ever!! if i forget ot miss to end this process for a minute the memory and CPU usage will get TOO HIGH



      I never had these issues in any previous driver, only the Realtek  HD Audio and not at this rate, i had to uninstall 17.1.2 and install 16.12.2


      Fix this damn thing asap because it's too much, the first crash i thought my GPU got broken

      Thank you