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XFX RX 480 8GB - Consistent Crashing after few mins

Question asked by thx211 on Feb 1, 2017



XFX RX 480 (8gb) best buy edition

AMD FX-8350 / Asus M5A99FX R2.0

16GB PNY anarchy 1866 RAM


Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 750w

Windows 10 64bit

Radeon software 17.1.2

Driver Packaging Version


DirectX 12


I have tried multiple times, each with clean driver installs.  I've tried WHQDL version, and latest version.  Tried AMD drivers for my chipset and Asus drivers.  No BIOS update available for my motherboard I am at ver 2501. Nothing is overclocked.


I've done memtest several iterations and ram is good.


System never crashes if I leave it on all day idling.


When system crashes in game GPU temp high is 76c. CPU is under 50c.  I can play 3d games for about 5-15 minutes.  This happens in Doom and Diablo 3.  Tried Vulcan and opengl in doom same exact issue.


When the system crashes it's a sudden freeze, and a loud annoying constant noise coming out of my speaker.


I've tried many solutions nothing seems to help.  Thinking it's the card, drivers, windows, possibly power supply