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Enduro: Force application to power saving mode/integrated GPU.

Question asked by biohazard90 on Feb 1, 2017
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I am looking for a way to force my application to use the integrated GPU on hybrid GPU laptops. I was able to accomplish this on Nvidia Optimus systems by creating an application profile in a launcher process through NVAPI and adding a custom app profile for the driver, I have not found similar options in the ADL SDK yet.


I did find powerxpress.h and appprofiles.h in the documentation of the SDK, but from my understanding, neither would allow me to configure the driver specifically to use the integrated GPU on my executable only. Or can I use "ADL2_Display_PowerXpressActiveGPU_Set" to switch to the integrated GPU at runtime, without affecting the behavior of other applications?


The reason I have for this (possibly odd) inquiry is, that the Microsoft Media Foundation video decoders appear to be failing when my application is running on the dedicated GPU. Using the integrated GPU for my application is otherwise acceptable, only forcing my users to perform this configuration step manually is currently an issue.