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enterprise vs crimson relive

Question asked by iandifinity on Jan 31, 2017

for the w600 graphics card, there are two drivers available. i will be damned if i can tell the difference. What is the difference? is one long term stable, and one experimental beta? or what.





I would just go with the stable one (which i assume to be the last one), but the previous drivers i had from 2016 are 16.40.2802 (16.40.2802-whql-radeonpro-windows-retail.exe) which is a much higher revision than the current 16.12.1


So i dont know what i downloaded last time in dec, which branch, and as the branches are not self evident what the difference is, can someone explain it? i know both will probably work, but i was stability first and foremost and don't need a whole bunch of features and always want to avoid beta drivers.


why you gotta make it so complicated!