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PC freeze with two GPUs

Question asked by ssupreme on Feb 1, 2017

Gigabyte windforce 380x 4g/480 8g (dual setup) driver latest 17.1.1(tried)  17.1.2

desktop win10_64 i7-4770 16GB
Asus z87-a

Chieftec 850W GOLD (gpus on separate cables)


I used to run for over a year BOINC projects on 380x 24/7 with optimization and +10% clock from 980Mhz, Card is fine and dust free, fully functional. I added new 480 out of box, pc loaded fine. GPUs started processing BOINC projects. In around 10 mins PC freezes, screen turns purple orange. While at the beginning Intel gpu was activated (HDMI), screen from built-in gpu just freeze, no color change.
At the beginning had 17.1.1. I tried, reinstalling drivers 16.12.2, 17.1.2 and 17.1.2 minimal. Once reinstalled 17.1.2 after DDU clean up, had problem with certificate signature in safe mode, had to install in normal mode.
Disabled intel built in gpu. When I disable one of GPUs in device manager, BOINC works fine, full gpu load with low fan RPM, and temp is up to 80C is fine. When two GPUs works together few minutes, PC freezes, I think because driver crashes.


Also in when both GPUs active with no load, even slight change in wattman crashes driver and PC freezes.
When driver is over installing screen flashes to much (I think) and PC freezes for few secs.


attached log from HW64.
Question asked on BOINC forum BOINC crashes PC
I cannot get any errors after pc freeze in log viewer, but as can be seen from above post, some application crashes before that.