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Radeon ProRender

Question asked by cyseal on Feb 1, 2017
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Radeon ProRender for Blender


Alpha Release Features v1.1.0



10 Key Features

  1. It's Fast. Out of the box, the global illumination engine delivers physically accurate, photorealistic renderings, without any prior knowledge of complicated rendering or material setups.
  2. Built on OpenCL™, it's Hardware Agnostic, so it runs on virtually any hardware, including any combination of GPUs and CPUs.
  3. It comes with a helpful and beautiful Material Library, ready to use. Artists can use, easily adjust, and quickly learn to make their own.
  4. Integrated Materials are simple to use and editable in Blender®.
  5. Viewport Integration means you can work with Radeon ProRender in real time, so you can see your changes as you make them.
  6. Physically Correct materials and lighting allow you to make true design decisions with global illumination—including caustics, also displacement and volumetrics.
  7. Emissive And Photometric Lighting, as well as lights from HDRI environments, let you blend a scene in with its surroundings.
  8. It's Easy to use.
  9. Using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset experience stunning 360 photorealistic raytraced environments created by Radeon ProRender. These VR environments can also be published to YouTube.
  10. It’s Free