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Display port to HDMI

Question asked by samie17 on Feb 1, 2017
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Hi, so I have an XFX rx480 gtr with 1 hdmi port and 3 display port. Now I have an LG monitor that only works on HDMI for freesync. My problem is I have another hdtv that is connected through HDMI cable (10meters long) but ofcourse I only have 1 hdmi port in my video card. So I bought a display port to hdmi adapter to connect my hdtv to the display port. The problem is my hdtv is not working and it says no signal. I know the adapter is working because I've tried it to my monitor with a short hdmi cable and it works. And also the 10meter hdmi cable also works because I tried connecting it directly to the HDMI port on the rx480 and it works. The problem only persist when I connect my 10meter hdmi cable to the display port to hdmi adapter.


Any guess what is the problem in my situation? Is there a specific HDMI cable that will work on a display port to hdmi adapter?