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    Rx 480 gaming x 8gb NEED HELP


      Hello, I have buy a new setup (processor; AMD A10-7890K, graphics card: 480 gaming x 8gb, motherboard: ASUS CROSSBLADE RANGER FM2 +, 16GB RAM.)

      But I think AMD products are not performing well, with my old config, on minecraft I turned to 300 fps solo and 150 in multiplayer and my new confg: I turn to 150 fps solo and 60 In multiplayer you see the problem? My old config: i3, 650 ti, 8gb ram, and the worst its that the game is at the MINIMUM it is in low if I put everything thoroughly I turn to 10 FPS!

      So I tried level editing I download editing software (sony vegas) and after 3 minutes to have video editing start, sony vegas crash ...



      I find this really problematic, a config to 300 € (my former) that exceeds a config to 730 € (my new)!

      AMD provides software with the cd that does not change anything at all!

      My screen is well connected to the graphics card, the drivers are well installed, I am really disappointed, I thought I would increase my performance and I would be happy with this config, yeah its a ... Rather the impression of having to dream and make a fall of 30 meters high, here I hope there are solutions for this, because i have the impression of having to throw 730 € in the trash And the urge to get me refunded, if I should put a note on 10 I would put 4/10 with the following comment: "my pc turned on super at least it does something ...". !


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            In BIG the AMD processor is really bad for 160€ i have a tinks like a i3(125€(the price at the buy) and 3 years--' ) and the graphics card i don't no if its  a good or no but i tinks yes but the next time i well not go to AMD i will go to INTEL (i7 and 1080) i will explain you one thinks  ray_m@

            I am butcher and if my meat is fresh and good customers will come back BUT if on the contrary it is full of nerve, is hard as stone, starts to change color (towards the green), if it senses bad customers Do not come back in your trade, it changes trade they make you bad our on the internet and have to pay to have good rating and well its the same for you AMD, there is bad reviews and good (like a site that says An A10 7890K = i7 latest generation THAT its fake!), But expensive INTEL, there is more good comment than expensive AMD and now I understand why your product is cheaper ok, okay but i do not understand , I buy only AMD product, so they are compatible, but in the end what did I get? A poor prospecter for a price, wholesale i3 expensive INTEL, but that is not as powerful, I paid 730 € for a graphics card, motherboard, processor and 8GB of extra ram to remake a boost to my Computer, yes the graphics card makes light and I can watch videos, but I lost a lot by changing that So, WHY AMD does not it make quality products? Instead of selling products a little cheaper but less perforement?