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Rx 480 gaming x 8gb NEED HELP

Question asked by haeropiggy on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by haeropiggy

Hello, I have buy a new setup (processor; AMD A10-7890K, graphics card: 480 gaming x 8gb, motherboard: ASUS CROSSBLADE RANGER FM2 +, 16GB RAM.)

But I think AMD products are not performing well, with my old config, on minecraft I turned to 300 fps solo and 150 in multiplayer and my new confg: I turn to 150 fps solo and 60 In multiplayer you see the problem? My old config: i3, 650 ti, 8gb ram, and the worst its that the game is at the MINIMUM it is in low if I put everything thoroughly I turn to 10 FPS!

So I tried level editing I download editing software (sony vegas) and after 3 minutes to have video editing start, sony vegas crash ...



I find this really problematic, a config to 300 € (my former) that exceeds a config to 730 € (my new)!

AMD provides software with the cd that does not change anything at all!

My screen is well connected to the graphics card, the drivers are well installed, I am really disappointed, I thought I would increase my performance and I would be happy with this config, yeah its a ... Rather the impression of having to dream and make a fall of 30 meters high, here I hope there are solutions for this, because i have the impression of having to throw 730 € in the trash And the urge to get me refunded, if I should put a note on 10 I would put 4/10 with the following comment: "my pc turned on super at least it does something ...". !


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