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    radeon hd 7970m


      Hi, my notebook is equipped with  radeon hd 7970m  can I change it to something new? thx !

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          No, graphics cards in Laptop computers are not usually replaceable.

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            If that card is dedicated (when you open up the laptop and you can pull the graphic card out of his socket) then you can change it to a 680M or even 970m or a 980m


            I'm rocking a Clevo P170EM with 7970M and had before a 680M. The only problem I have at the moment is Win10 don't want me to install the driver for that card because win10 and switchable graphics are a mess to begin with.



            But first tell me what is your laptop.

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              Sell that laptop and buy a new one with the graphics you want. Ignore anyone who tells you it's a simple procedure. Laptops are not designed to allow these type changes.