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thread_stuck_in_device_driver windows 10 HD 7600M

Question asked by mohammed_1999 on Jan 30, 2017

i have been running on crimson 16.2.1 beta which are the latest update i can get as my graphic card moved to legacy (HD 7600M) .. a week ago i was playing watch dogs 2 when suddenly the game freeze and windows crashed to BSOD .. saying this error : Thread_Stuck_In_Device_Driver .. as i said i had 16.2.1 beta crimson software .. i tried everything also making a clean install of windows 10 .. also rolling back to windows 8 .. also tried to uninstall then install from device manager .. did not work too .. now my laptop is broken for a week


More Information :

Laptop : HP Pavilion G6 2325sx

GPU : HD 7600M / Intel HD 4000

Processor : Intel Core i7-3632QM

ALSO MY BIOS IS UPDATED .. aspyre f.25


**** UPDATE ****

when i tried to install 14.12 omega driver software it worked and no more crashes .. seems like the reason of the error is crimson 16.2.1 .. but performance tweaks for recent games ain't there with 14.12 so i don't want fps drop