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    Microsoft's DRM Playready 3.0


      Is the RX480 card Playready 3.0 enabled ? Is it enabled through a driver update or is it hardware implemented ?

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          AMD must be asleep at the wheel or they just don't care, I found this about NVIDIA:



          How The New Pascal Architecture Supports Next-Generation Video Playback | GeForce


          Does AMD even monitor these boards, so if you're here AMD ???...

          And for anyone reading this I did contact them directly and received the expected generic answer read from a script.

          "We are not allowed to discuss certain subjects and make them readily available to the public, please subscribe to out AMD news letter" 


          I just don't get why NVIDIA has no problem discussing this while AMD appears dead in the water.


          Why don't I just go with NVIDIA, I would except that NVIDIA has no "Smooth Motion" implemented in there drivers or hardware for frame interpolation.

          AMD's Smooth Motion can be used in conjunction with Power DVD; its the only way to have FI on a licensed platform.

          Most displays have some sort of FI built into them, but my Sony 300es 4K projector does not do FI at 4K, so that leaves only one choice at this time, but I'm not going to go and spend anything until I'm even sure that AMD's video cards will even run with all this DRM from Hollywood.


          Here is a quote in this link that states AMD said that there should be a driver update to enable PlayReady 3.0.

          SO who is this person from AMD ???


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