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    Screen goes black after installing aMD graphics driver


      I've had the R9 270 for three years now and never had any issues, but now I'm having a major one.

      For starters, I had to completely uninstall all my graphic drivers because my computer suddenly went to a black screen while in a game and I had to restart it. Restarting it made no difference, after the windows logo before I could log in it would go to a black screen again.

      I figured out the only solution to this was to completely reinstall my windows 10, and go into safe mode and run DDU to completely remove all graphic drivers on my computer. Now, I've tried three different AMD graphic drivers and they all make my computer go to a black screen again the instant they finish installing.

      Another thing to note is in dxdiag it says my chip type if amd atombios. I've tried everything and nothing works, is this a sign that my graphics card has died? I try updating my windows 10 and it still goes to black screen.