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    RX 460 flicker


      I know there's a topic on a similar issue already, but mine differs quite a bit:


      Got an RX 460 recently and noticed that my screen seems to flicker just ONCE every couple minutes. I noticed this primarily on the desktop or while surfing. Looks like the image is 'jumping' for a brief moment. Like literally one short jump and that's it. Time between those jumps was about 30 minutes before, right now it was about 10 minutes between those.


      I remember having a similar issue many, many years ago with a gfx card I can't even remember. On that card, this jump/flicker was usually right after quitting a game if I remember correctly. Figured out it was caused by the card changing its state and clocks to desktop mode (it might have been a Radeon 3870, don't know). Not sure if that's the issue here though, as clocks seem to jump around a lot according to WattMan, without causing any problems.




      AMD FX-8370E
      XFX RX 460 (passive)

      8GB DDR3-1666

      Corsair HX 520W

      ASUS M5A99X Evo R2.0

      Win7 x64

      Samsung 2233RZ (1680x1050 @ 120Hz)


      I upgraded from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti, which did not have this problem. Uninstalled the drivers, installed default VGA driver and then replaced card and installed 17.1.1

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          1.Update BIOS

          2.Your win7 must have SP1 and all available updates. If your win7 doesn't update automatically - try this solution

          3.Install chipset drivers

          4.Delete C:\AMD folder

          5.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 or 17.1.2 driver Windows 7 (64-bit)

          6.Try to lower a bit your refresh rate if you can (and if you want)

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              1.) Is up to date

              2.) Is also up to date

              3.) Did that, it only installed USB and AHCI drivers though

              4.) Done

              5.) Done with Nvidia and AMD

              6.) Don't really want to, defeats the purpose of having a 120 Hz display


              Didn't change much though, still happens occasionally.


              By the way, I noticed it in a game recently, so it's not limited to the desktop, as I previously thought.

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                  It is from 17.1.2 Release Notes- "Changing memory clocks with Radeon WattMan with more than one display connected may cause memory clocks to intermittently become stuck at their minimum setting or switch between min and max ranges intermittently causing display flickering."

                  Sounds familiar?

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                      Not so much, because I have only one display connected (DVI) and didn't actually change anything (like clocks) in WattMan.

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                          I meant this part -" switch between min and max ranges intermittently causing display flickering"

                          Try this tool to fix your VRAM frequency fluctuations 

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                              This does sound kind-of good, thanks for the hint.


                              That's a very bad "solution" tho, as it means the entire card won't reduce clocks. I really have to give up all the power saving mechanisms in order to get a screen that won't flicker every XY minutes?


                              I checked the WattMan and it seems like the memory can't really be configured. There's only min. (300) and max (1750), with the only option to overclock the max setting, but no way of influencing the min setting. No clock speed and no voltage....


                              An educated guess - could this be fixed in upcoming drivers?

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                                  I am not sure that your problem is a driver problem.It can be a hardware issue.

                                  I just offered you to try to do something to better understanding of your problem.

                                  You can try old driver and  if you will get the same issue ,then probably your GPU is faulty or has some sort of incompatibility with your monitor.

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                                      Never heard of incompatibility of a gfx card with an ordinary display... I mean, I have that thing for ages already and it worked with all cards, AMD and Nvidia, so far.


                                      However, thanks for your help. I returned the card today and will order a GTX 1050 Ti.