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dxva2.dll missing for beta drivers (16.2)

Question asked by timjohnny on Jan 30, 2017

Hi there.


I installed the beta driver version for my card(s) as i wanted to check out the features.

I think OBS produced this error before i installed it too. However when i try to launch the settings, i just get a cnext.exe error saying it's leaking the dxva2.dll. This is scary because dxva2.dll is in SysWOW64 but NOT in system32.

Now i feel like having read millions of "solutions" from just placing a dxva2.dll there to things like completely reinstalling .NET Frameworks and DirectX. Nothing did even create that dll there.

As it seems to completely ignore that dxva2.dll in the SysWOW64 dir (even when i started a 64bit app like OBS), i have no idea what to do.


The driver itself works - I can do whatever just like before: watch videos, play games and so on - No problems with the displays or rendering.

I have 2 HD 6950 cards and a HD 5570 which is running the main screen. (OS: Win7 Premium SP1 - 64bit ofc.)


Since the driver itself suffers from that problem I'm telling this here.

I can (probably) still roll back to the stable one but this (probably) won't get that dll correctly installed.

It doesn't seem to be something super important but as mentioned I wanted to check out the features.


I can do one pretty sure guess: This is gonna be Microsoft's mess (It's their dll after all).

Still maybe someone knows how to get this installed correctly as it's required for cnext.exe (the error even shows up at startup).

I can easily guess i should try reinstalling the whole crap (windumb) - I'd be glad if I won't need to, I installed that many things right now, it would take ages to restore it all

Also I'd like to stick with Win7 (if at all, I'd prefer Linux even for Gaming (Obviously I'm getting problems with the multihead support there and for my bad there is no VTd in this setup.)).


Extra details: CPU: i7 2600K (yeah, my bad it's not an AMD) Mainboard: ASUS P8P67 DELUXE


Hope you got some Intel for me