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Why is my RX 480 running so hot?

Question asked by shantr0n on Jan 29, 2017
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After installing the 17.1.1 driver, my GPU is staying consistently warm. I'm also having problems with running a graphic-intensive game (it makes my computer shut down completely upon launch) which I'm correlating to this issue.


At idle, my GPU is running 75C. That's pretty hot for idle, right? I went and checked the fan speed in WattMan, and the fan is sitting at 700rpm without manual adjustments - why is it running the fan so slow? I can adjust the fan speed manually and have had it sitting at 2500 rpms, but the fan speed seems to reset itself back to 700 every once in a while.  Has anyone else had this issue since the driver update?


I tried rolling back the driver and that didn't fix the issue.


Any help would be much appreciated!