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When i am playing games my laptop restards without reason, the temperature are upsolutely fine, no dust

Question asked by christos008 on Jan 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by kingfish

I use HP pavilion G6 1040ev

  • windows 10 home 64 bit
  • intel i3 380m 2,53Ghz
  • 8 Gb Ram
  • 525 GB SSD
  • intel(R) HD graphics
  • AMD Radeon 7400m HD graphics


I have checked my laptop if there is dust, also changed the thermal paste, everything are OK, I have checked my processor, my RAMS everything are ok. my temperature idle are minimum to 35 Celsius, and while gaming 61 Celsius.

So, when I am playing a game or even when I use a program that uses graphic card, makes my laptop restart without reason. I have checked laptop charger and is fine. also changed it but still no change.

The drivers are updated.

Any help please?