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    RX 460 Image Flickering


      First, some info:


      Radeon Software Version - 17.1.1

      Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive

      Graphics Chipset - Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics (Sapphire Nitro series)

      Memory Size - 4096 MB

      Memory Type - GDDR5

      Core Clock - 1250 MHz

      Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)

      System Memory - 16 GB

      CPU Type - AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 840 Processor



      HP 23bw (1920x1080@60Hz) connected via HDMI

      VA2251M-LED [Model #: VS14589] (1920x1080@60Hz) connected via DVI


      Motherboard - BIOSTAR Group A770E3

      PSU - Corsair 850w Modular PSU


      Now, the problem:


      I received this card as a gift in September, and right out of the box I had an issue with the image beginning to flicker after an hour or so of use.  The flickers in question involved reverse-color images, the image bouncing up and down, very similar to wiggling a loose DVI cable at one end.  It did not involve any loss of signal or 'flashing to black.'  I found at first that disconnecting and reconnecting the DVI display would 'reset' the problem, allowing me to use the PC flicker-free for about another hour or so, until I had to do it again.  Going into Device Manager to disable the driver, and then re-enabling it would also reset the problem.  Additionally, disabling the driver via Device Manager would prevent the problem from occurring until I re-enabled it.


      The problem isn't related to heat, as the flickering seems to start based mostly on time, if I leave my computer alone on the desktop with no programs running, but the drivers for the card are enabled, I will always return to a flickering screen.  It seems to be somewhat related to load - if it has just started to flicker and hasn't 'gotten bad' yet, it will usually happen in loading screens or when games are loading new assets before it becomes a constant thing.


      I described this problem to Sapphire, and they postulated it was likely a hardware issue, and told me to ask a third party for an RMA.  I sent the third party my card for repair/replacement, and while it was out for repair I had an old HD 6000 series card installed, and did not have any of these problems occur at all.  About a week later I received a brand new card in the mail from them.  However, the day I plugged in this brand new card into my machine, mere hours after finishing a clean install of the drivers, the flickering had returned.


      This problem has occurred on every driver version that has been released since September 2016, as I have been updating frantically and obsessively, hoping each new version would provide some kind of magical fix.  That still hasn't happened yet, though, and a complete replacement of the hardware has also done nothing for me, so I'm hoping I could perhaps get some insight here on how I can solve this issue for good.

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              I noticed, that AMD RX cards don't like old motherboards.

          1.Update BIOS

          2.Leave only one monitor for this operation

          3.Delete C:\AMD folder

          4.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 or 17.1.1 driver Windows 10 (64-bit)

          5.Then reboot and plug your second monitor and check that win10 has installed correct driver for each monitor

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              I followed these steps and left the desktop to idle for a few hours, but it was back to flickering when I came back.  If the problem really is an old motherboard (And mine is old as dirt) is there anything else I would be able to do, or am I stuck with this problem until I can replace it?

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                  You can disable sleep mode and set your monitor settings to always ON. Sleep and Standby modes are quite problematic for AMD GPUs at some conditions

                  Have you any flickering now after PC rebooting (or first start)?

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                      I did reboot before, but after reading this message I set my monitors to remain always on (sleep/standby was already disabled) and rebooted again.  After some light use, the flickering just resumed a few minutes ago.


                      One thing to note about your original post, your last step was to "check that win10 has installed correct driver for each monitor."


                      I'm not sure how to check that, I checked device manager and each monitor is listed as "Generic PnP Monitor."  Does that sound right?  Or is there something else I should do there?

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                          No it is not right.

                          Driver for HP monitor

                          Driver for Viewsonic By the way VA2251-it is not full model name

                          Also try 17.1.2 Windows 10 (64-bit) It has some improvements for dual monitor configurations

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                              Thank you for all the direct links to drivers, and all your help in general.  I edited the original post with more info on the Viewsonic monitor.


                              I installed the monitor drivers and updated the gfx drivers and rebooted, and sadly the flickering resumed after a few hours of use.  It seemed to take longer than usual for the flickering to start, but that may just be coincidence.  I haven't yet tried a second clean install with DDU now that I have the monitor drivers but I intend to after work just in case.  Is there anything else you know of that I might be able to try?

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                                  You really should try 17.1.2

                                  And don't forget install monitor drivers after that.

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                                      Alright, I did the whole process again yesterday, here's what I did in detail (I updated my BIOS when I did this the first time):


                                      1. Deleted C:/AMD folder, unplugged one monitor

                                      2. Booted to safe mode, used DDU to uninstall Radeon drivers and monitor drivers

                                      3. Rebooted to normal mode, used the above download link to install Radeon 17.1.2 drivers

                                      4. Rebooted, used above download links to install first monitor driver, plugged second monitor back in and installed that driver

                                      5. Rebooted, began using PC as normal


                                      After a few hours the flickering returned, and additionally the display driver is occasionally hard locking my PC, forcing me to shut down using the power button.  The hard locking is actually an issue that's showed up before, I'd just forgotten about it because it wasn't this frequent in the past.

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                          This from MS for Win.10, whether it's of any use....?


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                            I am using an MSI variant of the RX460 2GB OC. After several re-installs and frustration I installed a new Antec HCG-620M PSU for a more reliable current to the card. The screen flickering did continue however. After reading several forums about DXVA failures using the Chrome browser, BIOS roll-backs and the like I finally found a solution that worked. Just a simple fix by installing a monitor driver update. All hunky-dory once more!!! Hope this helps for some of you