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    Two AMD graphic cards, but only two monitors are working


      Dear AMD-Community,


      I have two amd graphic cards in my pc:

      AMD Radeon HD 5450


      AMD Radeon R7 200

      Both without fans, that was important for me.

      Now I have the problem on Windows 10, that I have big problems to get all four monitors.

      I've installed a AMD driver and all were working, but there are some error-messages after starting windows. Since yesterday there are no error messages anymore, but only two monitors are working.
      That was the second time, that I have this problem.
      Now, I tried the Radeon Driver 16.11.4, but only the R7 200 Series is activated.
      I hope that somebody can say me what I can do, which driver is the right one for BOTH graphic cards and what can I do, that some perhaps automaticly updates don't destroy my multi-monitoring system?
      Where is the problem? Since Windows XP I have two graphic cards (older one, Matrox, Geforces etc.) and only since I have two AMD cards, there are problems

      Thank you very much!