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Can someone help? My Sapphire rx 480 +Nitro 8GB is lagging

Question asked by dishonored on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2017 by goodplay

So i bought a new gpu, after the previous one i had *nvidia geforce gtx 750* after installing the new gpu into my computer, i installed the drivers. But the thing is, the rx 480 lags. it's weird.

I tried playing battlefield 1 on high-ultra, it was laggy and had lagspikes, i tried Black ops 3 on ultra, and it could run but had weird lagspikes every 2-3 minutes, and then i tried OW on ultra. It went smooth as hell but whenever i shot my gun, it started lag spiking. Could i have possibly installed the wrong drivers or something? (Sorry guys i'm new to this)



P.S if you need more specific details, i will try to provide as much as i can.