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Do not by the new Godvari APU's!! Warning to all.

Question asked by ifixit on Jan 28, 2017
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Just don't buy them, Far out, 60 degree's idle, 71.3 ish is the max for my particular NEW godvari apu according to spec sheets. It's 25 degree's in here ambient and cpu and fan professionally installed by an IT professional ME. It, max speed Kirk!


2 cores working in some boards. Sata 4-7 not functioning..that could be MB issue


PCIe bus reporting 8x god actually is the only one that knows the truth there


But the cpu issues. Cannot stress test cpu without it overheating and the pc dieing, then there is the random blue screen crash dumps and hard resets required for no reason at all. just reading stuff on the net or go to open some thing. Stress testing, cpu it went down under it's 36x stock speed, cores shutting down and massive overheating with the supplied CPUFAN. 4 pin. WHERE WERE THE FKN HEATPIPES AMD?


This cpu is the worst cpu I ever saw, I have installed and testedf CPU's since amd's first ones.. in the 80's, infact come Tuesday(LW here) it's getting swapped out and so is the motherboard, NEW from GB which is supposed to support this APU , never again.


Trust me I know what's bad and good, this CPU cannot perform, it's a Trump, you know lots of advertising and sounds great, till you buy in and get one. Then you see it falls over at the slightest thing.


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From an IT professional(retired).


For small business owners PC guys, save yourself a support, returns and customer hassel. This sort of rubbish going on will lead to more headaches for you than it's worth, and you will be tied up with several issues to resolve, if you come across anyone with half a head of knowledge on PC's. That's mainly the warning for the resellers out there, i'm retired, it was a simple setup for me, I've had little help from AMD, well NONE. Gigabyte pretty good actually, but this, I've done some serious build time, 100,000's..understand the volume i'm talking, and size of the large OEM i worked for. If I say this combo will give you bad issues at the moment, unless someone from AMD steps in with some real answers, trust me.




In the Bios temp alarm is set to 70 degree's, at this point 4 thread, stress testing the buzzers going OFF. Note the temps 66 or is it 103 degrees and that's Celsius for us down here.


Less than 5 mins, either it should have come with the heatpipe cooler, OR these cpu's are crap.


temps wrong? well the crashing and bluescreening and reading page in non paged area's messages it gives whilst doing anything, is kind of a hint these are as stable as Donald Trump after reading some bad press.