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Freesync and gpu problem

Question asked by problem20 on Jan 27, 2017



I have two questions:


- First problem: I need you to verify that my freesync is working because I can`t see difference, maybe I simply doesn`t have a eye for these things (screen tearing, stuttering). I recorded 5 videos with and without freesync, videos are recorded with 1080p@60fps camera. Monitor is LG 27MP68HM, freesync range 40-75Hz. When Freesync is ON, it is enabled in monitor OSD and in display driver, Windows frequency is set to 75Hz, when is OFF max frequency for desktop is 60Hz. HDMI cable is 1.4 version, somewhere I read that it need HDMI 2.0? Monitor driver is not installed because conflict with display driver (when monitor driver is installed I heard from GPU clicking and sparkling sound, multiple times tested). Some people reported that they had freesync working in AMD windmill demo but in games it wasn`t working, they sent monitor to warranty service and get another one, with working freesync, now they notice difference. What do you think?


Video recorded on my PC


Tomb raider

Witcher 3



Video recorded on friend PC with my monitor


AC: Syndicate

Far cry Primal


In video first is with Freesync OFF than ON.




- Second problem, my gpu RX 480 load isn`t constant. Vsync and power efficency options are off. In AIDA64 gpu stress test gpu load, core and memory clock have spikes (GPU-Z picture). In Doom demo (Open GL 4.3) gpu load have massive spikes, also gpu fans are turning on and off - temperature 59-62C (wattman and afterburner picture) but fps seems constant. Minimal fps was 39. In witcher 3 gpu load is constant, GPU temperature is 65C, stable fps as far as I seen. In undemanding games gpu fans are turning on and off with temperatures going from 59-61C. I tried install old driver (deleted new with DDU), tried putting target temperature in wattman to 73, same problem. Is my card working correctly?