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Wattman Issues with Driver 17.1.1

Question asked by chris5112009 on Jan 27, 2017

Hello i've been having issues with this update... for the past 5 months i have been using my manually overclocked Asus R7 260x with no problems whatsoever, but since i updated to this driver wattman has been interfering with my overclocking tool which is MSI Afterburner, i installed the latest version but when i try to overclock with Afterburner i get artifacting and the GPU crashes forcing me to restart my computer.


I tried completely uninstalling Afterburner and using Wattman to manually overclock my GPU, however when i did so, it just gave me a black screen, i had to take out my GPU, remove the driver and re-install everything because it would not even let me access to my browser without crashing my whole computer! this is extremely frustrating since this drivers are claimed to be absolutely exceptional... which is not the case at all, please help me! i do not want to be using my GPU with stock clocks because i experience stutter and frame drops on my games.