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Built by human. Forged in fire.


Warning: This Pre-Built AMD 64 x2 is about to be destroyed! Then brought back from the dead.


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Welcome to the Forge


This Mod Is built off of a old Pre-Built HP. It bothered me... A LOT! So I decided I do some simple mods to make it better. Then I got carried away.

This mod is/was a "Live update" on twitter and still has a little bit more to go but is slowing down right now. So Join us for the finale! @ArtMods_  Enjoy!


All i can say is... EW, I gotta fix this box of coal.



So ill tare it apart!



New Front Panel. Drawn, Cut, And Painted!



All of this Acrylic is left overs, so I thought one piece looked kind of cool so I'm going to use it.



I made a base plate to display the name "FORGE" and a PSU cover because I am using things that I have. The PSU is original to the case and is... well. Scary.



Printed out the stencils on Vinyl, then I cut them by hand.



Next I use this Putty to create the Molten Steel under the base plate. I highlighted hot spots I wanted to stick out.


344sjr9.jpg   2vl4io5.jpgsn32c9.jpg


I used acrylic paint after the putty dried (took 24 hours) I layered from Light to dark starting from a base coat of White and then dry brushed the yellow,orange, two different hues of red, brown and Carbon black.



I made the Decision that I am not using the original hardware, I am using Mini ITX and AMD Athlon X4 860k and Just because its the only GPU I have in my parts box... a 8800 GTX. Gotta try to find a "R series" GPU.


More to come!