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Installed FX8350 computer freezing on restart only - Motherboard is M5A97 R2 BIOS # 1006.

Question asked by jseidel on Jan 27, 2017
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According to ASUS the motherboard, M5A97 R2, with BIOS  1006 is compatible with the FX8350 processor.  Should I update the BIOS - this can be risky?  The Computer works perfectly except if I try to restart the computer.  If I shut down the computer it also will freeze upon restarting.  To restart the computer I must shut off  electricity to the computer and turn it on again and press the start button on the computer to start -  the computer will then run perfectly.  I usually do not shut down my computer; usually put it in sleep mode.  The sleep mode works well - no problem starting from the sleep mode.  Any solution - Thanks Very Much.  Love this processor.