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AMD Radeon HD7600m Driver Update leads to BSoD

Question asked by hd_lebron on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2017 by hd_lebron

Week ago I faced for the first time on my DELL Inspiron 3521(15') the BSoD problem.

That first screen was with the message "THREAD_DEVICE_DRIVER".

At that time I had Win10/x64 but later I've decided to install fresh Win7/x64.

All drivers for my laptop were successfully installed, except AMD Driver.

With the Intel Graphics HD4000 Driver I had no problems, I've installed the latest version (win64_153343.4425) but with AMD...that is where the mess begun.

I choosed manually drivers on the official AMD page, I know my videocard model, and the option was AMD Catalyst 15.7.1.

After I installed this version, my system loaded successfully, but later, I've got 3-5 blinks and then after 10 seconds the BSoD.

I've been trying and searching for all possible solutions, including the posts here, but it didn't work.


There is also a report of my laptop.