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    Graphics card issue


      Hello I have had this problem for almost a week and still havent found permament solution so I hope you guys can help me out.

      First of all my laptop specs:

      Processor: AMD A10-5745M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

      Video card 1: AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M260

      Video card 2: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 8610G

      RAM: 8.0 GB

      Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 14393), 64-bit


      I have had laptop for year and half and that problem keeps coming back and now it looks like its here to stay. I recently reinstalled Windows and of course I installed all necessary drivers I need.

      Problem is few days after that I get very low fps in games.(even low spec games) For example on Leauge of Legends my fps was capped at 23 on highest resolution and on lowest settings(i even changed settings to higher still same fps) and it only went to 60 fps max when I changed to lowest resolution. Keep in mind I usually run LoL at 120 fps which sometimes drops but its stable over 60. Keep in mind I had this problem before and it used to resolve itself or when I reinstalled drivers.


      So here what I did this time:

      1. I installed drivers thru device manager. Everything went okay no driver issues at all. I also downloaded catalyst control center because originally when I got this laptop I had same problem and control center fixed it.

      2. I tried using amd detector software to download drivers but that didnt work since i get this error: http://i.imgur.com/oeMkC4f.png so I had to use catalyst software to download drivers and other amd stuff. Again no problems there but still fps issues. After that I used some kind of software(driverbooster) to download drivers.


      Weird issue is that every driver installing gave me different driver version. Like amd catalyst gave me oldest ones then windows update and etc.


      3. I also used DDU(driver display uninstaller) to deinstall and later reinstall drivers. I did this multiple times but it worked temporarily.


      4. I also changed power options with the battery and with the control center nothing happend. I even used the configurable grahpics to set on high performance.


      After that I was kind out of options so I tried to monitor my stuff to see what might be the trouble.


      1. Afterburner. Afterburner showed me I have 6 gpus(5 of them were r7 m260), it also showed gpu core clock was stuck at 300 mhz no matter what(like went for 400mhz for 1 second then back)

      Cpu usage was fine like over 50 precent or so. Temperatures on gpu were high too, but I had computer recently cleaned and also had thermal paste applied and they told there was not much of dust after 1 year of laptop usage so I dont know about that.


      2. Cpu-z. This was kinda odd on grahpics tab it sometimes showed my r7 m260 card sometimes not and when it did show gpu core clock was still on 300mhz. Funny thing was when I disabled my r7 m260 it suddenly showed r7 m260 there. Thing is if it shows my r7 m260 properly I get good fps but if it doesnt well no good fps.


      3. Hardware monitor. It showed both cards. But it showed 0 temps and 0 mhz gpu coreclock on r7 m260 and when it did show it was again stuck on 300mhz even when computer was idle or in game.


      So what I think the problem is that my r7 m260 doesnt wanna work properly since sometimes monitor softwares show it and sometimes not. Even after many driver reinstalls I still havent found permament solution for this. For some reason gpu gore clock is stuck at 300mhz which is rather low but I have no idea how to fix it.

      Device manager shows driver working properly every time so I dont know whats the issue. Should I open it and maybe clean something or replace card?

      Forgot to mention that AMD Radeon HD 8610G shows 200mhz on gpu core clock and for some reason its now primary adapter atleast thats what control center shows before that it was r7 m260.

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          I think your switchable graphics just not working correctly.

          1.HD 8610G is legacy and unsupported GPU

          2.r7 m260 is supported by the latest AMD driver

          3.Problem is -you can use only legacy drivers 15.7.1 or 16.2.1 for your graphics system in terms of full functionality. But win 10 may interfere to using old drivers....

          4.Delete C:\AMD folder

          5.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program  and install 15.7.1 or 16.2.1 Windows 10 (32-bit | 64-bit)



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            For some reason amd forum didnt post my response so Im gonna try again.

            I already did those things.

            I deleted everything and used DDU to deinstall.

            Amd catalyst does work but only temporarily(15.7.1 version), but when I try 16.2.1 it doesnt work at all after restart my grahpics cards show exlcamation mark in the device manager.

            However im gonna try it again, maybe this time works.

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              Your APU is Richland which was released circa 2013. The additional R7 M260 GPU was released circa 2014.


              The problem is that AMD has abandoned the APU that you have and all that remains is the secondary GPU. This means dual graphics is not going to work etc.


              So the best under the circumstances is to disable the APU graphics and use only the R7 M260 which is still being supported. Check your machine BIOS or perhaps disabling it in the device manager.

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                So I tried installing crimson beta drivers without using DDU, suprsingly drivers had no problems this time and fps is fixed too so far. There are few fps drops but its way more playable now.

                Laptop should be HP Pavilion Notebook 15 Series(thats whats sysinfo32 showed me) but actual should be HP Pavilion Notebook 15-p289sa(since it has same specs and same look).

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                    Next time you can try:

                    1.Update BIOS

                    2.Install this HP driver

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                      Did you read this at all? Laptop graphics update...How to 

                      ""To find the correct drivers for your laptop, go to this page and use steps 1-5 to manually select the drivers for your computer. Do Not Use  " Automatically detect and install your driver".""

                      "For laptops with AMD processors/APU's:

                      You do not update the discrete graphics card...you update the APU. This updated driver serves both the integrated and discrete graphics. It is the only driver you install."


                      These are the correct drivers for your computer > Legacy

                      And here's how to install them > Laptop graphics update...How to


                      Please note the following:


                      All anti-virus/anti-malware/personal firewalls/etc should be disabled during driver download and installation.

                      Win10 users should have already prevented Windows from automatically installing graphics drivers....Windows 10 Forums

                      The folder C:/AMD ...open it and delete all previous drivers.

                      How to use switchable graphics > How to Configure Laptop Switchable Graphics

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                          I actually did that before I even came to amd forums to ask for help.(because driver dectector redirected me to the legacy site) I first downloaded the cataylst suite which gave me the drivers which seemed to work before Windows reset and after that as well for few days.(drivers worked but fps was very low). But I didnt turn of my anti virus during the driver download and installlation and windows didnt automatically update my drivers either. I also switched to laptop switchable grahpics to highest peformance on my applications which needed it but that didnt work before.

                          Right now im using the radeon crimson software beta which seems to work right now for me althoguh before it just made my drivers work not properly at all but reinstall helped in this case.

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                        I dont know if anyone is gonna see this but instead of reposting all thing again I try to post here first.

                        First of all I have been using Radeon Crimson Beta software for grahpics drivers. It did work for 3 weeks altho it was quite poorly but still. I was getting 100 fps at start of playing Leauge of Legends which dropped to 60 fps or lower on few occasions game would freeze completly and I would get 2-3 fps which was bad.(keep in mind it was on highest res but all the other settings were low which is kinda odd to have such low fps).

                        I also tried on second game called Unturned( I would get slightly over 30 fps with lowest settings which was weird since game looks like minecraft), and after playing for some time my computer shut down randomly, and when I tried to play again then it shut down again. Usually I would get notice if laptop shutdowns due to overheat.


                        After 3 weeks my screen start flickering then random sound would come (like when you unplug usb or when installing new drivers), and my fps is stuck at 23 again on Leauge of Legends. I reinstalled drivers using DDU and I this time use catalyst only which worked for 2 days when random flickering came again and same noise ruining my already low fps once again. I have really no idea what to do, maybe its hardware releated, but I think it has to do something with gpu.

                        I dont know if I mentioned this before everytime I reinstall new amd drivers it shows 6 gpus on afterburner instead of 2. (5 of them are r7)


                        I have also did bios update before any fps drop and I did harddrive scan(all tests were successful).


                        I was able to play Skyrim on high settings before now I can barely run minecraft style games.

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                            I think your problem is Windows 10 + unsupported AMD hardware(HD 8610G).

                            You need 15.7.1(and earlier) or 16.2.1 driver for normal functionality of your switchable graphics system.Windows 10 just won't let you use old driver for R7 M260.

                            And Windows 10 RS1 has compatibility issues with GPUs ,based on AMD Terrascale architecture(like HD 8610G)

                            You definitely must try to use Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7

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                                Well the thing is my laptop is over 1 year old. It had Windows 8.1 orginally but I upgraded to Windows 10 about 10 days later when I bought the computer. It seemed to work fine for year till about few months ago I started to experience those problems. Is it possible that maybe some Windows update ruined something or did resetting Windows 10 might have cause it?

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                                    The 'anniversary update' borked alot of computers.

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                                      As i said Windows 10 RS1(02.08.2016 update) has compatibility issues with GPUs ,based on AMD Terrascale architecture

                                      I suggest you to temporarily to revert to Windows 8.1 or wait for a new Windows 10 release (04.2017)

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                                          Maybe unreleated question but I ask it anyway.


                                          For some reason my r7 gpu core clock doesnt go over 300 mhz it does go to 400 mhz for second isnt it like making performance worse?

                                          It shows max is like 1080 mhz.

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                                              Is your computer power plan set to 'Performance'?

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                                                  Yes it is I even changed configurable grahpics settings on high performance on games. When computer is idle it doesnt show anything on r7 gpu core clock(it shows 0 mhz) but during gaming it probably switches to r7 and then it shows max 300 mhz or 400 mhz which I was told is too low.

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                                                        If im reading right shouldnt my r7 gpu core clock go higher than 300 mhz if it shows 1000 mhz max?

                                                        Im really bad at hardware stuff so I might not understand properly.

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                                                            Yes it should go much higher. What app are you using to determine the clock speed?

                                                            Alot depends on your laptop settings. Generally the things to check is the computer power plan, 'balanced' is the default and must be changed to 'performance', and power saving applications like 'cool and quiet', and/or manufacturer's installed graphics controls (think ASUS) should be disabled or set to 'performance'. And the laptop must be plugged in.

                                                            How to Configure Laptop Switchable Graphics

                                                            You can use the monitor feature in the control panel during a game, to check the graphics activity.

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                                                                Since its getting late Im gonna try to resolve this tomorow.

                                                                As for determining clock speed I used Afterburner which allows to see clock speed in game which showed 300 mhz or went for 400 mhz for one second.

                                                                I also used HardwareMonitor software, it doesnt offer in game display but I compared stats when I was done gaming. It showed that gpu core max was 400 mhz.(hardware monitor was running while I was gaming). I think there was another software that I used but I cant remember the name as I didnt check its stats after game.

                                                                Laptop settings are always on peformance expect if its on battery but I have it plugged in most of time like right now.

                                                                I try to use monitor feature tomorow and probably reinstall drivers to crimson radeon beta since it comes with radeon settings and thats when I could get most fps although it was lower than my computer should be showing.


                                                                Anyway thanks for help so far maybe I can finally get my problems fixed and finally play games normally.


                                                                Almost forgot to mention that I did use switchable grahpics and I did same stuff what was provided in the link minus monitoring it didnt help to resolve my issue.

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                                                        It can be a part of well known bug in recent AMD drivers (GPU clock stuck on idle frequency)

                                                        Just stop your meaningless fight with Windows 10Windows 8.1+appropriate drivers(15.7.1 for example) can resolve your endless problems.

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                                                            So I switched to Windows 8.1 and it basically same thing but I found some weird stuff though.


                                                            I went into game and my fps was still stuck at 23 even tho I installed proper grahpics drivers for win 8 and I also set configurable grahpics to high peformance and as well as my power settings. I discovered some weird stuff that when I unplug my charger and re plug it during game my fps jumps from 23 to 90 which was weird. I also got notice from HP program that my charger does provide power but its lesser than it could or something like that. Maybe is charger not providing enough power? Also gpu core clock is still at 300 mhz or goes for 400 mhz for moment.


                                                            I only tested Leauge of Legends and havent tested on any other games yet.

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                                                  Shot in the dark but I spent 12 hours yesterday night trying to fix my display drivers and after all that time I finally succeeded! The problems that the drivers and relevant software accompanied with it would only partially install, I noticed that Windows Update was also failing to install some updates which gave me an error code, after googling this windows update error code 641. I noticed that people had a variety of different problems but the common problem was the Windows Installer Service. Some people's service was corrupted, some didn't even have the service at all but for me the settings for it were simply not correct, a windows update may have attempted to update the service and then failed to re-enable it for some reason. All I had to do was enable the Windows Installer Service.


                                                  Possible Problem(s): Windows Update Failing to install updates (Error Code 641) & AMD Display Driver's "Partially Installed".

                                                  Possible Solution(s): Enable Windows Installer service manually.

                                                  Windows 7 steps:

                                                  Press the Windows key.


                                                  Type services.msc and press enter.


                                                  Navigate to Windows Installer down the menu in Services (Local).


                                                  Double Click Windows Installer (Alternatively you can right click and then click properties on the drop-down menu.)


                                                  Make sure Startup Type is set to manual.


                                                  Why set it to manual and not automatic?

                                                  After doing some reading on the Windows Installer service I was soon informed on how it worked with manual setting, the default value for the Startup Type setting should be set to Manual. Basically when it is set to manual, any applications that need to use the Windows Installer service will automatically start the service when needed (I've read this from multiple sources.) as opposed to being inaccessible when it is set to off as well as the service status currently showing that this service is "Stopped". I learned this the hard way man. Possibly irrelevant to your situation but I hope I could help, good luck!