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FPS drop issue

Question asked by envymia on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by envymia

I played some resident evil 7 yesterday, and i found it odd that it left V-Sync ON under option on (isnt that NVIDIA cards only?)

it did seem to help with some tearing so i didnt think much about it.

anyways, put my PC to sleep and today i saw weird tearing across both screens... did a restart and it was fixed.


however, my CSGO frames dropped from 150 average to 50 fps... says my gpu is at 100% usage also somehow..

i tried resetting the profile, doing another boot but it seems like its not changing.

CSGO has not had any updates either since this happened.

not sure if its the new driver or if somehow the RE7 game can impact my gpu... thoughts on how to fix this?