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    AMD ReLive recording (resolution issue)


      OK another problem as many of you guys mate know about.

      Some R9 200 and 300 series can't record at a specific resolution.

      Even so using a 1440p / 2k monitor you can only use 1080p at 60fps at max .







      .bandicam 2017-01-26 23-16-35-572.jpg

      bandicam 2017-01-31 15-59-46-515.jpg


      in the Picture as you can see "I hope", even using the option to record 1440p will ReLive detect as unsupported recording resolution.

      At change In-Game resolution will still automatic switch to 1080p when the file is done.


      Second image is the main problem, you have the spec to record but the ReLive says you do not.



      This movie file should be set In-Game Resolution at 2560x1440 but it automatically change to 1920x1080

      bandicam 2017-01-26 23-31-16-089.jpg

      Have noticed FPS lose in the video after done recording as well.

      it's always under 60fps (40-58 and changing instantly at random)

      I used both Crossfire and single card but that does not change.



      My spec is

      i7 4790k

      2x MSI R9 390 8GB V-ram (Crossfire)

      16GB Ram DDR3

      Medium settings in Battlefield 1 cause of FPS at 144hz.