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Asus 380X nightmare

Question asked by davestyle on Jan 27, 2017


I have been having a lot of problems with my AMD graphics card.

I have a 4GB STRIX 380X

AsRock 970 MOBO

16 GB Kingston Ram

8 Core AMD CPU

I have tried numerous power supplies as well, currently on a very high end one.


The computer black screen, red screen, or BSOD screen crashes when running games on ANY AMD drivers. Some have been more stable than others, and the computer will work fine for up to a week, then crash upon launch of any 3d game. Sometimes youtube crashes it.


I have tried all the old catalysts, including the one recommended on the ASUS STRIX page no change.

I have tried every Crimson release since I bought the card in August.

I have RMAd the card and Asus sent me a new (refurbished with different serial number from original) card, same problem.


I have tested multiple power supplies.

I have tested my RAM using software and also running 1 stick at a time, it all crashes anyway.

I have monitored temps with MSI and havnt recorded any abnormal temps.

I have used driver cleaner prior to any driver installs.


I have googled and many other people seem to have problems with this card. Has AMD done anything?


What else can I do?