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French Facebook group - Sponsorship request for lottery draw

Question asked by fuujin on Jan 27, 2017



I'm an administrator of a French Facebook IT Group dedicated to AMD and we would like to organize a lottery in order to thank all our members to make the group so alive. 

I've contacted the AMD Support and they have advised us to create our request on this forum ... so thank you for any usefull information


You're find just below the letter I wrote to them :


"Good morning,

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: I’m Sylvain LE COURTOIS, an administrator and moderator of the French Facebook groups “AMD® Hardware & Gaming” and “AMD® Hardware & Gaming vente”, dedicated for the sale of hardware components. Our main group has been created almost one year ago in order to gather IT fans and to share all kind of information about hardware and software (new products, conferences, new pilots etc.).  As other French groups used to recommend mostly Nvidia’s GPU and Intel’s CPU, we wanted to give people an objective point of view by recommending your products too.

Today, we’ve become a community of 1,400 members, resolving issues, making diagnoses, sharing information and, of course, advising people about their computers. Recently, we organized an event on our Team Speak® server to discuss your new processors ZEN, after the conference of the December 13th

As our community is growing every day, we would like to thank all the members by organizing a contest, and that’s why I’m contacting you. We thought that you could offer us some AMD designed-goodies, like pins, pens, mouse mats etc, and some components like graphic cards or processors. Thus, our members will be able to take part the contest and win these potential goodies/components.


I hope that you understood the reasons and the motivations of this message,

Best regards,




Thank you all and sorry about potential mistakes !