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    WIN7, 64bit, atikmdag.sys, bsod 50 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA


      recently I bought myself GTA V. Since the moment I bought it, I got a problems with this BSOD. I tried many solutions over the Web.
      It's a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit, I've tried clean uninstaling the drivers, then instaling them again. Today I did the same and updated everything to crimson 17.1.1.
      It's a random BSOD when I play the GTA V, it can occur in 20 minutes from start, but it can happen in 5 hours from the start.
      I got this Gigabyte HD7770 GHz edition for 2.5 year now, I had the similiar problem with atikmpag.sys when I bought it and I was playing State of Decay game.
      Any idea for this? I've watched the similiar named threads but didnt find the solution that would work for me.
      It's desktop pc, GPU: Gigabyte HD7770 GHz Edition 1GB, os: win7 ultimate, 64bit, drivers: crimson 17.1.1, display: samsung 19' via dvi-d, mobo: asus prime b250m plus, cpu: i7-6700, psu: ibox primo 700w, ram: GOODRAM 8gb DDR4
      I cannot post replies in my own thread, wth

      http://www.filedropper.com/log_43 its the log from HWINFO64,

      how do I downclock the GPU?

      Will it affect my gameplay?

      I found out how to lower the clocks, no crash since then.
      Will test it for some time and I will let you know.
      Btw. Does it mean that GPU is faulty?



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