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Bringing back Capture side of AMF DEM

Question asked by nathankidd on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by tnarine-amd

Per  Where is DEM (Direct encode mode)? · Issue #24 · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF · GitHub DEM is currently dead.


I'd encourage AMD PMs to consider bringing back a capture-to-D3D/OpenGL feature. NVIDIA's DEM counterpart, NVFBC, has gone through the same kind of transition, deprecating direct capture->encode, but rather than drop capture entirely, it provides a D3D Surface to the entire framebuffer content. Like others who posted in above thread, this is useful functionality.  E.g.remote-desktop type applications that can't assume a full-screen OpenGL/D3D game with a single buffer to capture. It also allows such applications to decide if video encoding even makes sense. Not all desktop content likes lossy compression. Microsoft's Desktop Duplication API doesn't work on Windows 7, so there's still value in a separate capture API. (Win 7 EOL is 3 years away.) Bonus API features: hardware frame differencing regions, Linux support.