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No Settings, possible AMD Radeon Settings

Question asked by okeliisback on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by kingfish

Hello People,


I have a minor issue according to my graphic card and AMD driver software (AMD Radeon)


I bought myself a new Notebook, HP 15-ay133ng running on Windows 10 64bit, this one has 2 graphic cards: 1. Intel HD Graphics 620 and 2. AMD Radeon R7 M440.


First Problem: My Notebook is only recognizing AMD Radeon R7 M340.

I´ve made so many Reinstallments, nothing helps. I manuelly downloaded the driver for my notebook graphics, R7 series than M4xx series. But nothing changes. It stays with R7 M340...


My secound problem, I have no acces to the setting in the AMD Radeon Software, please see my Screenshot, It is only "Games" and "System info"Unbenannt.jpg


I have made so many Complete Deinstallations, and reinstallations I really forgot to count.

I relly need to have the display setting on this AMD Radeon software.....


Thanks in advance for your support.


Best regards


Okan Köksal