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R9 390x Strix Eyefinity triple monitor mixed size unable to configure. Hidden settings or deleted Crimson Driver?

Question asked by xeos on Jan 26, 2017

On my system Windows 10 pro 64bit (Intel 1151) and R9 390x STRIX card, I'm trying configure a Eyefinity triple-monitor configuration (22 "1080p - 27" 1080p - 22 "1080p). However, I have tried almost all versions of Crimson driver until the latest release available, but it seems to have become impossible to correctly configure a triple monitor set-ups with mixed sizes? I must go back to previous versions Crimson or settings are hidden? the system works perfectly except for the visual side of the monitor, no are scaling, the image which are scaled to smaller dimensions although aligned with the utility. is there a solution?