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    PC Hard Crashing


      I've been having this issue for well over a year now. My pc will hard crash. No warnings, no freezing, no sound loops, nothing. Just instant shut-off/restart while gaming (and no crash dumps are generated.....). For a while, it seemed fine, then it came back. After working with different hardware, etc I figured it was time to change my graphics card. New card, new drivers, no crashes! Then Battlefield 1 came out, new drivers. My crashes returned. NOOOOOO! I revert my drivers, no crash. Windows has an update. I play a game, crash. Windows updated my drivers....grr..revert, no crash.



      I have tried EVERY driver update, and ALL crash my PC. The version of Crimson I can run is 16.8.3. This version, and this version alone, is the only one that will NOT crash my system while gaming. I've about had enough of this, and need to get to the bottom of it. Here are my specs, and I've also attached a dxdiag log in case anyone needs that too. Since the crashes don't generate dump files, I don't have any crash dumps to supply.


      My PC Specs:

      AMD Fx 8350

      AMD Radeon R9 380X (XFX)

      12 GB DDR3 RAM

      SoundBlaster Recon3D PCIe Sound Card

      Acer 24" monitor 1920x1080@60Hz DVI

      MSI  970A-G46 Motherboard

      Thermaltake Smart 750W 80 bronze PSU

      Windows 10 x64 Desktop

      Crimson 16.8.3 (The only version that does NOT crash my PC....)

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          Disable automatic Windows 10 Driver Updates, stick with 16.8.3, and fill out a bug report. I'd still be tempted to say it's your power supply as your computer instantly shutting off is very indicative of an electrical safety being tripped, and TT doesn't make the greatest of PSUs, the one time I owned one it nearly ate my HD 2900Pro.

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              No idea how to do that. Windows 10 sucks as far as auto-updates are concerned. I've been thinking of going back to 8.1. At least then I can pick and choose when and what to update.


              As for the PSU, I'd say as much, but I've tested the issue on my brother's and it's still present. Could be maybe he's got a bad one? I also think possibly a Mobo issue, since the card/drivers work fine in his PC. As long as I stick with this driver version, I have no issues.