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    17.1.1 BSOD on some apps



      Lenovo y40-80 laptop

      i7 5500u @2.4ghz base

      r9m275x 4gb vram

      16gb ddr3 ram

      running windows 10 64bit

      and amd 17.1.1 drivers.


      For a while some games when launched boot up correctly but weird graphical glitches (seen in imgur link) occur and either crash the app, blue screen the computer or fix itself. It happens of few games and apps like NBA 2k17 and PCSX2 (ps2 emulator) but not on games like GTA V and Overwatch for some reason. Running things as admin is weird too, it takes a while to launch but when it does the text is either not there or just glitched (also in imgur). When installing 17.1.1 for the first time after a day or two i launched the radeon settings app and it said no drivers were installed or they were installed incorrectly, the app disappeared from the tray and couldn't be booted up in finder. I then installed the driver previous to that one and the same thing happened. after being frustrated i used the AMD remove utility and DDU to completely get rid of the drivers, i then installed the 17.1.1 version and hasn't disappeared  in a while but still presents the issues mentioned earlier.


      I have a link to a WhoCrashed log here: http://pastebin.com/RK6hp80e 

      and the imgur link here :http://imgur.com/a/J1gE3 


      Also when using the laptop for school on battery the screen starts to flicker in and out after 20mins of use. I have diabled intel display power saving technology but still no help.