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AMD A10-7860k quad only 2 threads working. Half CPU alseep.

Question asked by ifixit on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by ifixit

Why are 2 cores/threads of my A10-7860k at 14x and the other two at 36x.?


hwinfo64 latest version beta, report, under stress CPU-z 4 threads..2 cores at idle 14x 2 at 36x


msconfig/advanced, nothing ticked for processors.. Device manager shows 4 cores


GPU R9-280x pcie-3 8x not 16 never shifts regardless generation.


GB MB GA-F2A88xm-HD3P bios F2 supports CPU according to GB website../ is latest bios. supports CPU.


Was functioning ok until CPU change..properly..changed CPU back too A8-6600k it's not only working 2 cores. Fresh win 10 home x64.. all updates all drivers latest.


have unparked cores, rerun util says unparked, still problem persists.