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    Most Rage Worthy Game or Moment

      Most of the time when we talk about video games, we talk about the moments of joy and overwhelming accomplishment. Over the past few months, we've talked about favorite games and most influential games.


      But, we haven't talked about an emotion intertwined into the fabric of gaming: RAGE. We all remember those moments: The intense yelling, slamming a controller on the ground, punching a desk, or throwing things. There is that one boss that killed you 50 times in a row. There's the puzzle that you just lost 4 hours of your life to. There's even Mario Party, a game guaranteed to destroy marriages and friendships.


      I have memories of almost breaking a PS2 controller in half while playing Soul Calibur 2. Then I remember seeing friends throw guitar controllers across the room trying to perfect a song on Guitar Hero. Simply put, we've all had these moments. It's not a harmful rage, if there's no one in the path of the controller you're throwing, but more of a frustration. A frustration because you know you're better than this. You KNOW you can beat this boss, but "THE FREAKING CONTROLLER ISN'T WORKING!"


      Let me preface this by saying that "nelRAGE" is the most used emote in my Twitch channel. I rage hard, but that's how I've always gamed, but there is ONE game that makes me rage more than the others. I remember it was about this time last year, and I decided I wanted to stream some Halo 5. Remember, Halo is my favorite game series of all time. But there's something about PvP in Halo 5 that makes me want to break every Xbox 1 controller I've ever held.


      I scream, I yell, I slam the desk, and blame my failures on everything but myself. Lag switches, my controller's dead, or the trigger didn't work, anything besides my skill is always as fault. I've gotten up and walked off stream because of a defeat handed to me in game, but I always come back and talk more smack than anyone I know, and have a 22-3 game. That's what gaming is: rage muffled by love.


      The thing is, game rage doesn't mean we're angry. It only means we're passionate about the games we play, and gaming in general.


      So I ask you, Red Team, what's your most RAGE WORTHY moment or game? We all have one, so just let it off your chest.


      I can't wait to hear these, and May the Rage be with You.



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          I was never the kid that raged, I never flung a controller across the room in anger or hit something because things weren't going my way. Sometimes I'd get a little frustrated, but when that happened I'd walk away. A little while later I'd come back and sure enough I'd solve the puzzle or beat that boss.


          There however is one game that has cause me to seethe: Counter Strike Global Offensive. I have a list of very real and legitimate claims against this game, things that piss me off to no end. I could get into it all, but I'd be here all night. So instead I'll start with that day; at the time I had some friends that I really enjoyed playing Counter Strike with. That night we had been having a rough time, everything possible just seemed to be going wrong. After losing four matches in a row we were all pretty beat down. Still we were tenacious and determined that we were going to get at least one win that night so we queued up for another match. We had already played some of the classics; Inferno, Nuke, Mirage and Dust II so we were more than happy to give cache (a new map) a whirl.


          At first things seemed to be going really well as we were racking up a lot of kills during the warm up and none of them were even close to being a threat to any of us. Our enthusiasm however was short lived. We quickly lost the pistol round, but given that we were on the terrorist side and the counter terrorists default pistol was grotesquely over powered at the time we thought little of it. The next round however things started to get fishy as one player seemed to stand out as remarkably good. Another round down and his killing our entire team with instant headshots from an unreasonable distance made it clear that he was cheating. When called out on it he openly admitted that he was cheating and trying to lift his team mates rank.


          He killed nearly every one of us until the end of the match. We never won a single round and the only time we ever encountered one of his team mates was when he went left or right and we decided to the other way. Nothing had changed with his team since the pistol round, they were all unquestionably low rank players. It didn't matter though as he eventually caught up with us.


          He never made any apologies for what he was doing and he even went so far as to brag that he had purchased accounts in bulk and still had over seventy of them that hadn't been banned yet. It was an extremely frustrating experience for my entire team since there was nothing we could do. By the end of the match we were all seething so we unanimously decided to call it a night. Thing is I didn't just call it a night, I quit the game that night. A year or so later I thought I might give the game another chance only to discover that Valve had implemented a slew of new "security features" designed to limit the damage done by such players, as well as attempting to put an end to smurfs and other toxic players in the game. Their new "security features" had also effectively blocked me from playing match making with my friends.


          The hacker may have made me seethe and even caused me to take a rather lengthy break from the game, but in the end it was Valve that put the final nail in the coffin.

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            Well, I was a passionate gamer back in the day of Genesis, nintendo, and snes, games were a bit more tedious at times with less saves and checkpoints. So back in those days i was raging a lot. Thank god for checkpoints and memory cards because back then games took weeks and months because you couldn't save your progress, so too much so messing up was almost rage worthy everytime because the amount of time it took. Also back then parents used to practice the one hour a day rule I usually broke and then the whole school shootings blamed on video games had all my interesting and violent games taken away like doom for snes.

            So I was left with my genesis and a particular game which I've come to know and hate because I still to this day blame the game! The game was "CAL RIPKEN JR'S Baseball". I don't know why, but I played that game for hours and hours. I had a personal vendetta against that game for all those years because it toyed with me over and over again.

            Somehow someway the game would catch every hit I did and the CPU was a GOD. The CPU would somehow manage to load all the bases and then hit a home run every time. This did not go so well with me. Living in reality losing constantly while this game won constantly in his own world.

            With that I decided to destroy CAL RIPKENS delusions by throwing the sega Genesis into the proverbial firey pit of Mordor. But to my dismay the Sega had only found its new genesis.

            I waged countless battles against CAL but to my extreme dissatisfaction he won all in game battles and his vessel cartridge was impervious and indestructible as the flag vessel the Sega genesis. The amount of times that console, cartridge and controller hit the wall like crash test dummies was more than I had even lost which was a number higher than genesis could count to.

            But after all our differences we finally agreed to disagree and settle our issues. That genesis and cal still worked till last year, till they all unexplainably perished in a nursery blaze last year.


            Who got the last laugh CAL and Genesis!

            Hahaha haha

            I miss him...

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              League of Legends is probably my most raged in game. I had to stop playing that game because of the community and the crazy amount of trolls. Kinda ruined the game for me.

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                Literally every third game in World of Tanks some days lol. Because RNG is a thing. That can really get on your nerves.

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                  Never been the type to rage at video games TBH

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                    Those stupid "Eagles"? (Or buzzards?) On Ninja Gaiden on NES when you need to double jump across the water.  RAAAAAAAAAAGE!

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                      For me it has to be Dota 2 Solo Queue. Because of that I stopped playing the game seriously.

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                        On racing games there are a a lot of enraged drivers that overestimate their ability to drive a car.

                        I had a lot of fun trying to understand bad words/coursing in several languages during races.

                        I race for fun and even if Im last I try to not hit anyone.

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                          I just remembered mine earlier - World Of Goo on the wii... it's a good thing those controllers have wrist straps...