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Most Rage Worthy Game or Moment

Question asked by nelstar15 on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by walking_corpse

Most of the time when we talk about video games, we talk about the moments of joy and overwhelming accomplishment. Over the past few months, we've talked about favorite games and most influential games.


But, we haven't talked about an emotion intertwined into the fabric of gaming: RAGE. We all remember those moments: The intense yelling, slamming a controller on the ground, punching a desk, or throwing things. There is that one boss that killed you 50 times in a row. There's the puzzle that you just lost 4 hours of your life to. There's even Mario Party, a game guaranteed to destroy marriages and friendships.


I have memories of almost breaking a PS2 controller in half while playing Soul Calibur 2. Then I remember seeing friends throw guitar controllers across the room trying to perfect a song on Guitar Hero. Simply put, we've all had these moments. It's not a harmful rage, if there's no one in the path of the controller you're throwing, but more of a frustration. A frustration because you know you're better than this. You KNOW you can beat this boss, but "THE FREAKING CONTROLLER ISN'T WORKING!"


Let me preface this by saying that "nelRAGE" is the most used emote in my Twitch channel. I rage hard, but that's how I've always gamed, but there is ONE game that makes me rage more than the others. I remember it was about this time last year, and I decided I wanted to stream some Halo 5. Remember, Halo is my favorite game series of all time. But there's something about PvP in Halo 5 that makes me want to break every Xbox 1 controller I've ever held.


I scream, I yell, I slam the desk, and blame my failures on everything but myself. Lag switches, my controller's dead, or the trigger didn't work, anything besides my skill is always as fault. I've gotten up and walked off stream because of a defeat handed to me in game, but I always come back and talk more smack than anyone I know, and have a 22-3 game. That's what gaming is: rage muffled by love.


The thing is, game rage doesn't mean we're angry. It only means we're passionate about the games we play, and gaming in general.


So I ask you, Red Team, what's your most RAGE WORTHY moment or game? We all have one, so just let it off your chest.


I can't wait to hear these, and May the Rage be with You.