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    ReLive streaming not working


      I can't seem to stream properly using AMD Radeon's ReLive:


      CPU: i5 4690k

      GPU: R9 270x Dual X

      RAM: 16GB

      Drivers: Latest. 17.1.1, but had the same problem with all the previous updates.

      OS: Windows 10


      The problem is that when I'm streaming I have annoying graphic glitches and other problems. Here is a video I streamed live where you can see most of the issues Michigan: Report From Hell #2 - YouTube


      The thing is, it is pretty random. I've played the day before the same game and got no problem at all. I've tried lowering to 720p instead of 1080p and the problems are still there. What could it be?


      I also had some issues to record videos -no streaming, just recording- but they were solved in one of the updates. My main problem right now is live streaming.


      Could anybody help me? At least pointing out what is going on? Thanks in advance.