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Total disaster in game R390 + Relive Crimson (all versions)

Question asked by papyg on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by papyg

Hey Community,


I would like to inform the developpers and the community that I'm experiencing issues with the latest drivers :

1. Most of recent games like Watch dogs 2 / Resident Evil 7 / Dota 2 doesn't work well. It's very slow and the graphic card seems to not be used for rendering because the fans don't work. Usually in game it's like a tornado in my case.

2. After running a game, I'm experiencing artefacts on Windows, like image tearing -> I have to reboot to get rid off it.


I have a Windows 10 computer, Dual monitor (1 freesync, 1 TV)  and everything up to date.


I hope my feedback can help you to solve it