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    Bizzare CPU fan bug after installing Radeon drivers


      Now this is an issue that has been driving me crazy for about two years now. I only recently figured out that it might be related to AMD drivers. It's gonna take a while to explain so please bear with me.


      The way it started out was, every few months or so my CPU fan would stop waking up from sleep. By that I mean I would turn on my PC and all the fans would work normally, until I put it in sleep mode. After waking up, everything would work normally except for the CPU fan. It would spin up for a second or so, then stop completely. It would only start spinning again after rebooting my PC. And then it would stop working again after resuming from sleep mode and so on. Now the weird thing about this issue is, it seems to automatically fix itself in a day or two, after multiple reboots. Until it starts happening again months later.


      After all this time, I still haven't managed to find a proper fix for this issue. I've tried replacing my CPU fan. Plugging a 3-pin fan into the cpu fan header seems to bypass the issue, but that's not a satisfactory fix since a low RPM 3-pin fan doesn't provide adequate cooling. I've even bought a new 4-pin PWM fan for my cpu cooler but that didn't fix anything. It did however show that the fan still receives power after it stops spinning (the LED light inside stays lit), it just doesn't get detected properly by the system. In the mean time I've also switched from a Radeon 7870 to a 390, but all the other hardware inside my PC has stayed the same. I've done completely clean installs of Windows multiple times, with different versions (from Windows 8.1 to the latest Windows 10 build 1607), but that didn't fix my issue at all.


      I've almost given up on trying to figure out what's causing this problem until I noticed that one thing seems to trigger it reliably: installing new drivers for my graphics card. It doesn't matter if my CPU fan has been running without any issues for months, I can go uninstall all AMD software, then install the drivers again, reboot my pc and put it into sleep mode, when I wake it back up the CPU fan won't spin up. This happens every single time. Then the problem goes away by itself after a day or so. The problem isn't tied to a specific driver version, like I said it's happened numerous times throughout the last two years with different versions. Frankly I'm baffled as to how and why the GPU driver can even have any effect at all on my CPU fan, but it's happening.


      Now that I've narrowed the problem down to Radeon drivers being the culprit, I'd like some further assistance. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me further diagnose and fix this problem once and for all.


      System specs:

      -Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard

      -Intel i5-3570k

      -MSI R9 390

      -8GB ram

      -Windows 10 64-bit build 1607 (as mentioned it happens on previous versions of Windows too)

      -Radeon Crimson 16.11.5 driver (the issue was present in multiple previous versions too. Haven't tried the new Relive drivers yet due to all the reported issues with the 390 series)

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          Haven't altered any cpu fan settings in mobo bois ?

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              I've tried all the different CPU fan settings just in case, but none of them changed the fan behavior after waking the system.


              Also, here's some HWmonitor screenshots. First one after a fresh boot, notice how FANIN0 is present:

              And now after resuming from sleep:


              And it's gone. Like I said, the fan gets powered on but the system acts as if it isn't even there.

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              Such behavior may be depend on motherboard BIOS (Intelligent CPU FAN control) or any software, that can override those BIOS settings(SpeedFAN maybe)

              What is the revision of Gigabyte Z77-D3H?


              1.I suggest you uninstall any software for system tweaking or disable them in auto start menu.

              2.Reset or better update your BIOS.

              3.Some motherboards can stop CPU FAN if CPU temperature is below some predefined value

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                  It's a revision 1.0 and I'm running the F22 bios, which is the latest non-beta version. I'm not sure when was the last time I reflashed it, but I've tried all the other available bios versions and I experienced some other issues with them, so I'd like to stick with this one.


                  Also in response to

                  1. I have no other system tweaking software installed. In fact, I've literally had this problem pop up on a completely clean install of Windows, after installing AMD drivers.

                  2. As I mentioned I'd rather not do that. Just resetting the BIOS doesn't help.

                  3. Not the case with this motherboard. When the problem occurs, the fan won't start spinning at all, even when the CPU gets hot (70+ degrees)

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                      Well. I am sure ,that it is a BIOS CPU FAN behavior issue.

                      You can disable intelligent CPU FAN control (it will named different for your MoBo).

                      If your CPU FAN is not too loud, it can be the only solution for you.

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                          Look, if I wanted to avoid the whole issue at any cost I'd just plug in a constant speed 3-pin fan and call it a day. That'll work 100% of the time guaranteed.
                          I want to keep a variable speed fan that'll speed up under load though. There's a bunch of fan settings in the bios that allow me to control the speed of the fan, but none of them affect the sleep bug.


                          It's become obvious that the AMD drivers are somehow interfering with with the whole sleep/resume process, but I don't understand why they're affecting my CPU fan. I want to get down to the bottom of this.

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                              1.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program choose clean and shut down

                              2.Remove your AMD GPU from PC

                              3.Reset BIOS and use Intel GPU

                              4.See what will happens with sleep mode

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                                  Yesterday, my CPU fan started working normally after the last driver install, so I decided to do an "experiment". I reinstalled the AMD drivers again just to see how long the fan bug would persist. Every time the fan would refuse to wake up properly, I rebooted the PC. It took a whole day and 31 reboots, and now the fan is back to normal again.


                                  I also noticed that the sleep mode isn't even available when the AMD drivers aren't installed, so it looks like they are indeed necessary for sleep to function. Seems like the next step is to make sure that the bug doesn't occur without the graphics card and AMD drivers installed. I'll take the time to try out what you suggested tomorrow.

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                                    So I'm back with some interesting news. I uninstalled the AMD drivers, took the 390 out of my PC, then installed the Intel graphics drivers. At first everything seemed to work ok, the fan started spinning after wakeup, but then I decided to reboot a few times just in case. Well, now the fan is refusing to wake up just like after installing AMD drivers.


                                    Honestly I'm even more confused than I used to be right now. Looks like it's not necessarily the fault of AMD drivers, the bug appears after installing other graphics drivers as well. It doesn't seem to be faulty hardware either since the problem always disappears in a couple days. So where else could the problem be? Could Windows be failing to configure the drivers properly? Is there anything I can do about this?